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Greetings and welcome! My name is Christine and I am in love with Labrador Retrievers! :) Together with my husband Aaron and our six young children, I live on a farm near Grande Prairie, northern Alberta near the British Columbia border (ask about delivery if you do not live in the area). I am a CKC member breeder with a Registered Kennel, and have been breeding since 2008.

As your prospective breeder I want you to get to know me. I have always enjoyed being challenged and always have had the attitude that if you are going to do something, then you should do it to the best of your ability. I am also a Christian so know that in business, as well as the rest of my life, I need to be open, honest, and fair. The above characteristics led my husband and I, after having three biological children, to pursue adopting. But why adopt one when I knew we could give a home to two? the end we brought home a sibling group of three from a Russian orphanage :) 

As you may have guessed, I am a stay at home mom. I work hard and efficiently, and teach my children to too - so our house runs quite well (toys are picked up by whom ever was playing with them, beds are made by who slept in them, etc). This allows me the time to make sure my job as a breeder also runs well - So you can expect reliable customer service with prompt responses to your questions and emails, which definitely doesn't end when puppy goes home!

As for being a breeder, I certainly don't claim to know everything, but as I learn of ways to improve our kennel I don't hesitate in doing so. I was studding for a vet and learned about DNA testing our labs so that we can be sure to breed pups free from common genetic diseases. So before our next litter arrived the testing had been done! We now can give a LIFETIME GUARANTEE for all our pups against EIC, CNM, DM, PRCD, and Cystinuria. We also OFA certify ALL our labs. (Please see our Health Info & Bio Sensor page for more info on the above). If you know of any ways that we can continue to improve, please feel free to share!

*PLEASE READ* Researching breeders is the most important part of choosing a puppy! Firstly, if the breeding stock is not OFA hip/elbow CERTIFIED (not just tested)...RUN the other way! This is your best defense against getting a puppy with the common problem of dysplasia. Next, have the dogs been DNA tested for numerous incurable diseases? PLEASE DO NOT SUPPORT AND PURCHASE A PUP FROM A BREEDER WHO IS MORE ABOUT MAKING MONEY THAN PRODUCING HEALTHY PUPPIES BY SPENDING THE TIME & MONEY TO TEST THEIR BREEDING STOCK! Are you welcomed to visit their kennel? Also, be sure that you will be getting a fair WRITTEN GUARANTEE. Check the guarantees for time limits, full refunds or just a replacement pup, whether they require the return of your puppy were you to qualify for a refund, and if the guarantee is tied to feeding a specific dogfood or daily vitamin (that the breeder makes commission off of), and any other conditions! Ask yourself "Are they being fair and reasonable?". There are many guarantees out there that make it almost impossible to qualify for a refund were something to happen to your pup.  

As you consider adding a puppy to your family I would also like to encourage you to research breeds and seriously consider the commitment of owning a dog. A lot like children, they need proper nutrition, exercise, supervision, teaching, and love. It is a long-term commitment that comes with many sacrifices...but well worth it!

Please explore the site and contact me if 
you have any further questions! You can reach me by email (prefered) at , or by calling
(587) 803-3923.

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Free Delivery to Edmonton
& Grande Prairie 
(& places between here and there)!
Pups can also be flown Canada wide.

"Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole." Roger Caras
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