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Purchase Info & Guarantee

Pet Puppy Prices:
Championed Sired: $2200+gst (Casper & Blizzard pups)
Grand Champion Sired: $2400+gst (Tundra pups)

Breeding Rights Prices (with priority pick):
Champion Sired: $3800+gst
Grand Champion Sired: $4200+gst

Why the price differences?
When a dog has competed in dogshows, it has been evaluated by numerous CKC accredited professionals and judged to be better than other dogs competing. These judges evaluate the dogs against CKC breed standard, which includes temperament as well as many points that are health related like gait - stance - coat - bite. In short, having a Champion or Grand Champion title further testifies to the health and quality of the lab! 
The puppy you purchase from Ace Labradors
will be:
Sterilized by vasectomy or ovary sparing
  spay, which leaves the very important
  hormones for proper health & growth
  (see Health Info page). Verification certificate
  included for license requirements, etc.
- Registered through the Canadian Kennel Club.
- Microchipped and enrolled in both the EIDAP and CANADACHIP recovery databases.
- Covered with our
 LIFETIME GUARANTEE along with a 30 month Hips-Elbows-Eyes
 (see below for details)
- Given its first
- Covered with 6wks of Pet Health Insurance
- De-wormed multiple times
- Well socialized with children & adults, and various sounds and textures.
Conditioned through 'Bio Sensor'! (see Bio Sensor page for more details)
- sent home with a 
Puppy Pack of a few toys and treats, a weeks worth of kibble, and a
  stuffy to help 
with initial loneliness (less items when flying).

Health Guarantee:

Seller will replace or offer a refund, as described below, with the written and signed statement from a licensed veterinarian for these genetic defects:

  • for the LIFETIME of the puppy: CNM, Cystinuria, DM, EIC, & PRCD

  • up to 30 months of age of the puppy:

            a) Failure to receive a borderline or passing rating on hips/elbows from the
Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), except when caused by
environmental factors such as injury, repetitive overexertion, or
excessive weight.  
            b) Failure to receive a normal reading from Canine Eye Registration
Foundation (CERF) due to a defect that would cause loss of vision.
Additional debilitating conditions due to genetic health problems will be
reviewed on an individual basis.

Purchaser may then do one of the following:

            a) Purchaser may keep the puppy with a full refund of the original purchase
            b) Purchaser may keep the puppy and receive a replacement puppy of
                 equal or greater value.

Seller has the right to, at any time, decide to stop breeding Labrador Retrievers. In this case, if a replacement puppy cannot be given then all monies from the purchase of said puppy will be refunded to Purchaser. Seller makes no guarantees regarding the loss of the puppy due to accidental death, theft, sickness due to lack of vaccinations, etc., or any other loss beyond the Seller’s control except as stated above.

The Purchaser Agrees:

If the purchaser chooses to remove the puppy's ovaries or testes, he/she may do so no earlier than 20 months of age. Removing the puppy's ovaries/testes before 20 months of age will forfeit the health guarantee.

Purchaser certifies, by signing this agreement, that said puppy will live with the Purchaser and this puppy will be given adequate and proper shelter and housed securely. Puppy shall be given clean water and a good quality food (large breed puppyfood or Kirkand Signature puppyfood until at least 12 months of age) in order to maintain a healthy weight and proper nutrition. The puppy will be provided with adequate healthcare from a licensed veterinarian, including appropriate vaccination. If the Purchaser decides, at any time during the puppy’s life, not to keep the puppy, please contact the Seller if you are unable to adequately re-home the puppy. Purchaser agrees that this contract is non-transferable.

         "A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself." Josh Billings

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