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White Labs?

Many people I talk to have never seen or heard of a white lab. Some of those are worried that ‘white’ is controversial, like silvers are, and have asked me about it. Nothing is controversial about a white lab other than using the term ‘white’. Genetically white labs are yellows, as are fox red labs. Whites are yellow labs that have been bred lighter and lighter, where fox reds are yellow labs which have been bred darker and darker. Both are more of a rare color because they are harder to produce with nice coloring (not moving back towards yellow).

So why is there controversy over using the term ‘white’? Some breeders make a big deal over it because CKC breed standard for yellow states “Yellows range from light cream to fox red with variations in the shading on ears, under parts, hocks, and down the back.” Those breeders would prefer no one to use the term ‘white’, but to use ‘light cream’. I find this silly in that it only serves to confuse the public on what color the dogs are – ‘what color is light cream?’ Anyone can look at the color of our dogs and most everyone would simply call them white, which is why I have chosen to use that term.

However, all Labrador pups are registered with the CKC as either black, chocolate, or yellow. So, being genetically yellow that is what all our white pups are registered as - just as fox reds are registered as yellow. Also, unlike silvers which do not fit into breed standard, white labs are able to compete in the show ring. Having first attended and stepped into the show ring myself spring/summer 2013, I was excited to have Casper receive 7 points towards being championed, just as he turned one year old!

Are our dogs really white? Yes, with some getting some cream shading showing up down their backs and on their ears. For the most part what they look like at 8 weeks is what they will look like as adults, with some darkening a little with a winter coat then lightening when they shed in the spring.

"When an eighty-five pound mammal licks your tears away, then tries to sit on your lap, it's hard to feel sad." Kristan Higgins

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